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This is a collection of several Egypt-related stories that appeared this week on some of the blogs I follow.  Find out about a couple of pretty cool discoveries.  See what Zahi Hawass is up to down in Thebes. 

And for my fellow Louisvillians:  Heads up!  There is a wicked King Tut exhibition just two hours away!

First things first.  Andie Byrnes from Egyptology News has brought to our attention a Tutankhamen exhibition going on at the wonderful and world-famous Indianapolis Children’s Museum!   Check out her post, Exhibition: Tutankhamen in Indianapolis, for details.

Indy is just two hours away, and we all know that Indies and Louisvillians are always looking for reasons to visit each other’s beautiful cities–usually involving fast horses and even faster cars.  A road trip to the ICM to see 130+ artifacts from the tomb’s of Tut and other Egyptian kings sounds like a pretty good way to spend a balmy day in August.


Jane Akshar from Luxor News brings us an article by Zahi Hawass about measures being taken to protect some of the more delicate—and highly important—tombs in the Valley of the Kings.  You can read her article here:  Protecting the Valley of the Kings.


Archaeoblog has dug up a good article on the Egyptian Neolithic and Predynastic Periods.  Check it out here:  Buried City in Oasis Lends View of Ancient Egypt.


Tim from The Egyptians has found an article about a 7th Century BC fort unearthed in the Delta region.  Read it here:  Late Period Fort.


And last but not least, Vincent from Talking Pyramids has good news for those of us who like to web-surf the Giza Plateau from outer space:  Google Upgrades Giza Resolution.


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