The Children of Egypt

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coe-tabIn the last photo essay I posted, I stated that Egypt’s most important natural resource was her history.  That was incorrect. 

The number one most important natural resource of any country is its people, and its most important people are its children.

This photo essay is dedicated to Egypt’s children.



Temple Girl

coe01 - Temple Girl



Boys in Sand

coe02 - Boys in Sand




coe03 - Waterwheel



Young Captain 1

coe04a - Young Captain 1



Young Captain 2

coe4b - Young Captain 2



Loom Girls 1

coe05 - Loom Girls 1



Loom Girls 2

coe06 - Loom Girls 2



Little Brother Being a Little Brother

coe07 - Little Brother Being a Little Brother



Children and Goat

coe08 - Children and Goat



Mother and Son

coe09 - Mother and Son



Boys Playing in the Nile

coe10 - Boys Playing in the Nile


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