clowes-tabMore than two thousand Egyptophiliacs lined up outside Clowes Memorial Hall for what Director of Operations Karen Steele informed me was a sold-out house.

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say the event had the feel of a rock concert.  We were there to see a star.  What secrets would he reveal tonight?  What announcements would he make?

Shemsu scoops the news for Heritage Key. 


I have already written about the interview with Zahi Hawass, which naturally was the main event for me.  But Heritage Key also sent me to cover the event, Zahi Hawass’ Mysteries of Tutankhamen Revealed.  It was an exciting night all around, and Dr. Hawass made several announcements.

What is the status of the probing of the “secret doors” inside Khufu’s Pyramid, and when can we expect an update?  How far did he get with the Osiris Shaft?  What is going on with the CT scans and genetic testing of Tutankhamen and his family?

Dr. Hawass addresses these questions and more, and I detail them in my blog entry on Heritage Key.  Read about it here:  Lecture Review: Zahi Hawass’ Mysteries of King Tut Revealed.

This is a separate article from the interview, so hop over and check it out.  I can’t reproduce it in full here because it was written while on assignment, but I can say that I ruminate about who might rest in a new tomb to be revealed in October, 2009, and I discuss Hawass’ promise to reveal in one month some very, very interesting information about King Tut…


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