A Day at Work in Egypt

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daw-tabThis photo essay presents everyday people doing everyday jobs at some of the most fascinating places on Earth.









Tending Temple at Dendera

daw01 - Temple Tending at Dendera



Lunch Break on the Sphinx’s Paw

daw02 - Lunch Break on the Sphinx's Paw



On the Old Gurna Beat

daw03 - On the Old Gurna Beat



Stone Worker at Saqqara

daw04 - Stone Worker at Saqqara



Two Donkeys and a Pile of Reeds

daw05 - A Mosque, Two Donkeys, and a Pile of Reeds



Siesta on the Nile

daw06 - Siesta on the Nile



Tomb Lecture

daw07 - Tomb Lecture



Off Duty – Cairo Subway

daw08 - Off Duty - Cairo Subway



Alabaster Worker at Old Gurna Village

daw09 - Alabaster Worker at Old Gurna Village



Truing an Ashlar – Valley of the Kings

daw10 - Truing an Ashlar - Valley of the Kings



In the Office

daw11 - In the Office



And This is Ramesses…

daw12 - And This is Ramesses



Temple Keeper – Temple of Satet

daw13 - Keeper of the Temple of Satet




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yaaaay—PICTURES! Just for me?

August 28th, 2009 at 10:01 am

Always, dahling, always.

I was wondering when my Magpie was going to make her grand re-entrance!

We need to get some sort of a picture on here to represent you. That blank avatar is like standing in line behind the Pilsbury Doughboy.

August 28th, 2009 at 11:49 am

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