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King Tut’s ET jewelry, News from the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Ramesses II in the Quran, Seti I, more mummy forensics, museum coming attractions…

Tim Reid from The Egyptians brings us up to date with the recent doings and future happenings of the SCA.  Read Plans from the Supreme Council of Antiquities.  With our weekly dose of forensic mummy studies, read CT Scan for Iret-Net-Hor-Irw.  And from the Coptic Quarter, read The Hanging Church for details on restorations of St. Marys—The Hanging Church.



Sean Williams from Heritage Key explores the extraterrestrial origins of one of Tutankhamun’s finer pieces of finery.  Balderdash, you say?  Maybe not so much.  Read Is King Tut’s Necklace from Outer Space?



Kate Phizackerley from News from the Valley of the Kings shares a video that examines the evidence that Rameses II was the unnamed pharaoh of the Exodus of Jewish tradition.  But unlike most treatments of this subject, this video draws on the Islamic tradition.  Check out Rameses II and the Quran.



Ben Morales-Correa of Egypt Then and Now brings us news of another Egyptian exhibition—fellow Louisvillians, heads up!—this time in Cincy.  On October 3rd, the Cincinnati Museum Center will open Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science.  Ben does a fine job of providing more info at Lost Egypt coming to Museum Center.  Road trip!  Anne, Meredith, are you reading this?



Pavements of Silver has been at the Louvre this week and brings us a video blog on one of the best pieces of Pharaonic art, “Seti I before Hathor” (B7).  A wonderful photo montage is included.  Tune in at Seti I Before Hathor (B7).



For more on Seti I read Qurna Temple of Seti I, another excursion from Su Bayfield’s Reflections in the Nile.  As usual, delightful prose is accompanied by postcard-worthy photography.



Dissention amongst the ranks of Egyptologists?  Say it isn’t so!  Vincent Brown of Talking Pyramid brings us the story—Exact Date of the Great Pyramid Scorned.  Hell hath no fury like an Egyptologist scorned!  But on a more serious note, Talking Pyramids just celebrated 18 months of existence!  Jump over to Thank you and raise a toast to Vincent! 



The inexhaustible Scholar over at The Egyptian Yell brings us more museum newseum.  Find out what is Upcoming at the British Museum (with regard to Egyptology, of course).  For something coming up at the Arkansas Art Center, read Mummy’s the Word.  And if you have ever wondered “Did pharaohs suffer from Backpacker Fatigue,” the short answer is yes.  For the long answer, consult the Scholar.



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