Continuing to Build Anticipation Over KV64

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vok-tabDr. Zahi Hawass has a new video clip regarding the work underway in the Valley of the Kings and the Quest for KV64.  What’s new?  Well, there is some amazing photography from Sandro Vannini, as if there is any other kind of photography from Mr. Vannini.  Dr. Hawass provides a quick review, and talks about the ancient waterworks designed to catch the “tears of the gods.”

But are there any hints about where the Next Big Thing from the Valley of the Kings may be located?  Hmm.


I blog about it under my daytime name, Keith Payne, over at Heritage Key:  Tomb KV64 in the Valley of the Kings: Nefertiti, Queen Tiye, or Weret-Whats-Her-Name?   You can read my ruminations and check out the video over there.

Did I mention there is some really stunning photography by Sandro Vannini?




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