Blogroll Roundup for September 13, 2009

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Ancient Egyptian medicinal practices, excavations in Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, book reviews, and your weekly dose of forensic mummy studies…


The bloggers from Heritage Key have a couple of choice offerings from Egypt this week.  From Ann, we have Zahi Hawass’ response to the new book by Andrew Collins, Beneath the Pyramids:  Egypt’s Greatest Secret Uncovered, and in the Comments part of Ann’s blog post, Andrew Collins responds to Dr. Hawass’ response. 

Sean Williams has a great piece on solar architecture with Plumb With the Sun:  Is Karnak Temple Egypt’s Stonehenge?

There is also a beautiful piece at Heritage Key on Tutankhamun’s Golden Death Mask featuring Sandro Vannini’s photography.



Jane Akshar of Luxor News has some exciting news from Luxor—new excavations!  Read New Excavations starting next Saturday at Luxor Temple.



Kate Phizackerley from News from the Valley of the Kings has a great post about the 2009 season report from the University of Basel, who have a team working the Valley of the Kings.  Check it out at University of Basel 2009 Report

Also from Kate, would you like to blog about something related to Egypt, but can’t commit to running and maintaining a blog of your own?  Well, your chance is coming very soon.  Read Pre Announcing Ancient Egypt 4All



Page Strong from Mummy’s Wrap just posted Ancient Egyptian Medicinal Practices Part 12.  Why haven’t you heard of Parts 1 through 11?  Because I just found Mummy’s Wrap!  Spend a little time looking around her site, it’s very well done.  And since I am a latecomer to the series, I’ll post a link to the Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Medical Practices to get you started off right.



EgyptianScholar at The Egyptian Yell has more about Egyptian medicine, but you’ll have to read Filming the Mummy at the Manchester Museum to find out what.  And while you are over there, check out a Picture of Groundwater Testing Under the Great Sphinx.



This week Su Bayfield over at Reflections in the Nile takes us on a Day Trip to Kharga Oasis.  This is not a usual stop on the typical traveler’s itinerary, and Su’s words and photos bring the experience to you.



From Talking Pyramids, Vincent Brown brings us our weekly dose of forensic mummy studies with an Update on the Brooklyn Mummy Scans.  And for your bookshelves, Vincent offers a chance to win a free signed edition of Michelle Moran’s Cleopatra’s Daughter!



From The Egyptians, Tim Reid has a couple of book reviews this week:  The Nile and the Egyptian Civilization by Alexander Moret, and The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt by Aidan Dodson.



As always, Em Hotep! is open to suggestions from our readers for blogs to be featured in the Blogroll Roundup.  Do you know of or run an active blog on subjects related to Egyptology?  Then leave a note here in the comments section, or click on Send me an Email under Contact Shemsu in the sidebar. 




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