Mummification – A New Video Clip Featuring Zahi Hawass

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mum01-tabMummies are always a source of wonder.  Whether your interest is academic, spiritual, or just plain macabre, you can’t pass a good mummy by. 

But how are mummies made?  We have had a recent look at mummification thanks to the Swiss Mummy Project, and now Dr. Zahi Hawass contributes a short video clip.



In Mummification Featuring Zahi Hawass, no less a personage than the head of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities gives us a quick introduction to Mummy Making 101.  I blog about the clip for Heritage Key under my daytime name, Keith Payne:  Mummies and Mummification featuring Zahi Hawass: A New Heritage Key Video Clip. 

Also in that blog I discuss how and where to look for a more complete picture of the process, as we seem to get the fast and dirty (albeit no gloves or masks required) version of how to send a loved one off to the afterlife.  Sharp video production by Nico Piazza and the still photography of Sandro Vannini combine to make this clip a joy to watch, so check it out!



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