Jenny Needs Your Vote!

   Posted by: Keith Payne   

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jenn-tabJenny Hale, who Em Hotep! readers will know from the Blogroll Roundups as The Egyptian Scholar, of The Egyptian Yell fame, needs our help!  She has entered the @ your library Design a Tote Bag Contest with the design shown to the left, which she has named “The Alexandrian Library Pun.”  If you read the hieroglyphs then you will get the pun.

Aside from the fact that her design kick’s butt, Jenny is one of us, part of the ever-growing online Egyptology community.  To vote for her design just click on this link:  “The Alexandrian Library Pun” by Jennifer Hale.  It will take you to the Flickr page where her design is featured.  Once there click on the Add as Favorite button at the top of the picture.  You will have to have a Flickr account to do this, but signing up is free, just takes a minute, and is for a good cause!

Good luck Jenny from Em Hotep!

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