Mark Rose, the Archaeological Institute of America’s online editor, has written a well-timed editorial in Beyond Stone & Bone, Archaeology Magazine’s blog, regarding Jean-Pierre Houdin’s work with Khufu’s Pyramid.

If we can take physical samples from some of the most important and fragile “artifacts” in all of Egypt—royal mummies—then why can’t we allow Jean Pierre to conduct completely non-invasive work which may unravel one of humankind’s most abiding riddles:  How was the Great Pyramid built?

After receiving a copy of Khufu’s Pyramid Revealed, Jean-Pierre’s follow-up and supplement to his and Bob Brier’s bestselling book, The Secret of the Great Pyramid, Mr. Rose found himself wondering why M. Houdin’s work has hit a snag at the administrative level.  Jean-Pierre’s request to have his internal ramp theory tested and opened to peer review has met with a suspicious amount of bureaucratic leg-dragging.

Mr. Rose correctly points out that all Jean-Pierre is requesting is an opportunity to spend about eighteen hours using infrared thermographic and similar technologies to test his theories.  The equipment would not come into actual physical contact with the pyramid—it wouldn’t need to.

It does seem as if a double standard is being applied in light of the cautious—but admittedly more intrusive—work recently completed on Eighteenth Dynasty royal mummies, including that of Tutankhamun.  “But surely, if we are comfortable with sampling the royal mummies for DNA, it should be possible to structure this research in a way that meets the permit criteria,” Mr. Rose suggests (Source:  Beyond Stone & Bone:  “Time for the Great Pyramid?”).

Whether it ultimately proves to be correct or not, Jean-Pierre Houdin’s work is rock solid and based on science where he is a proven expert.  In addition to Bob “Mr. Mummy” Brier, Mark Rose adds his voice to Egyptologists of the caliber of Dieter Arnold and Rainer Stadelman in support of allowing Jean-Pierre to put his theories to the test.

Jean-Pierre Houdin signing autographs for Magdy El-Ghandour, Director of Foreign Missions for the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and Taha Abdallah, Dean of Shorouk University (Photo courtesy of Jean-Pierre Houdin)

The answer to Mr. Rose’s question is a resounding yes:  it is indeed time for the Great Pyramid.

Dr. Hawass, tear down this wall!

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Il possède peut-etre des documents, inconnus de tout un chacun, qui lui permettront de faire “sensation” avant de partir.
Tout intrus, comme M. HOUDIN, est donc le malvenu….parce que c’est LUI qui doit révéler comment cela s’est passé…

[Translation: He may have these documents, unknown to anyone, which will enable him to make a “sensation” before he leaves.
Any intruder, like Mr. HOUDIN is therefore unwelcomed … because it is HE who should reveal how it happened …]

April 6th, 2010 at 6:08 pm

M. Maurer,

Thank you for your comment.

I am sympathetic to your sentiments. However, now that Dr. Hawass is Vice Minister of Culture, it is unlikely he will be vacating his SCA position any time soon, as he is now apparently above the law which required his retirement.

And with Jean-Pierre’s work already on the record, if Dr. Hawass does already posess proof M. Houdin is correct, then the good doctor’s “sensation” has been relegated to the level of “confirmation.”

In the world of academia that would be an excellent achievement. In the world of ego gratification, it would be a disaster.

Whether Dr. Hawass already has proof that M. Houdin is correct or not, he is being increasingly backed into a corner, as Mark Rose and others continue to call for the theory to be put to a legitimate test.

April 7th, 2010 at 11:23 pm

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