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Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science is a guided interactive exhibit where visitors will be challenged to perform archaeological work such as reconstructing a 3D puzzle of a broken artifact and using computer simulations of the tools archaeologists use to discover and analyze sites and explore a recreation of an Egyptian tomb.

Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

1600 Gendy St.

Fort Worth, TX 76107

October 24, 2010 through January 2, 2011

Admission: Adults $14.00, children (2-12) and seniors (60+) $10.00, museum members no charge.


Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science focuses on showing young people (although there is plenty for curious or career-oriented adults) the diversity of Egyptological work, ranging from archaeologists and engineers to technicians and forensics experts.  The goal of the exhibit is to spark interest and awareness by showing “how archaeologists use modern science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt.”

In addition to simulations and recreations, Lost Egypt will feature life-sized X-Rays of human and animal mummies, facial reconstructions, and a life-sized rapid prototype “unwrapping” of a mummy using CT scans.  There is also a rapid prototype tour of the skull of Djedhor’s mummy.

In addition to the forensics and reconstructions there will be plenty of authentic ancient Egyptian artifacts, including an actual human mummy and a mummified cat and ibis.  Visitors will be treated to artifacts on loan from The Brooklyn Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  The exhibit also includes photographic displays of fieldwork in progress and video interviews with experts such as Dr. Sarah Parcak, Dr. Salima Ikram, and Dr. Mark Lehner.

Lost Egypt:  Ancient Secrets, Modern Science was produced by the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) at Columbus.  For more information about the exhibit see Fort Worth Museum:  Unearth the Mysteries of Egypt in LOST EGYPT.  To download an exhibit walk-through from COSI, click this link.

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