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generic emhotep tab BFirst I just want to apologize for the long radio silence…  All is well, and some exciting things are on the way..

Life happens, as they say, and the same goes for Camp Em Hotep.  A change of location (The Highlands of Louisville are rocking, by the way), and new fulltime job (Community Montessori School of New Albany, Indiana, is the future of education, folks) and many other Life Events have taken up a good part of my time and as a result things have gotten a little dusty around here.  So time for some Spring Cleaning!

There were many updates and maintenance types of things to do here with the ole’ WordPress machinery that runs the site.  And as anybody who works in Information Technology can tell you, updates usually mean bugs.  Some things crashed and had to be fixed, some crashed and had to be retired, and some things still aren’t working right yet, but rest assured we have top people on it… Top.  People.

One thing that seems to have given up the ghost is the spam filter.  There were a gazillion (ok, more like a little over a thousand) spams that got through and I am still sorting through them for the actual messages.  Inevitably some actual messages will be accidentally deleted as my eyes cross and the hours run late, so if you have posted a message and it does not show up in the next day or two, please consider resubmitting it.  As for those of you who posted messaged months ago and are waiting for them to be posted, I have no excuse other than the anxiety I felt as I watched the number of messages awaiting moderation grow, knowing that there was A LOT of spam in there.  That was unprofessional of me, but I’m on it now.

There is another more positive reason for my absence from the website..  I have been focusing on building Em Hotep’s presence on Facebook and that has shot up like a rocket!  Em Hotep BBS currently has 1,830 members, and our sister group, the Old Kingdom Egyptology Group (OKEG) has a whopping 2,492 members!   Em Hotep BBS is a themed group with a subject that changes every two weeks.  OKEG is themed just to the Old Kingdom Period (obviously).  Both groups are extremely active on a daily basis with contributors ranging from fellow amateurs to professional Egyptologists currently working in the field.  My co-moderators for both of these groups are the brilliant and talented Vicky Metafora and Richie O’Neill, and you can expect the same high scholarly standards from these two groups as you do here at the website.  If you have not hooked up with us on Facebook yet, please do so!  You are missing the daily Em Hotep show!!

So what is coming up for Em Hotep?  Well in the very immediate future you can expect a new interview with Jean-Pierre Houdin conducted by one of my students at Community Montessori School, Sarah Korcz, who intends to pursue Egyptology as a career.  I wish I could claim credit for that, but she was already like that when I found her.  When she first approached me (I am known as the Egyptology person at school) she asked if I knew of Jean-Pierre Houdin.  My jaw dropped.  When I asked her if she would like to interview him I got a similar reaction.

Soon to follow is a piece done by another member of the Em Hotep Facebook family, Wabhaty Maasemi, on an exciting museum exhibition, but I am holding back the details for now..  I don’t want to give too much away.  I am also holding back the details on another deal which just might marry Em Hotep to another very well respected source of Egyptological information on the web.  All of these new developments are due largely to the campaign I have been carrying out on social media to expand the Em Hotep presence and continue to expand our network.  Now it is time to turn our attention back to the website.

I thank you for your patience as we have been growing, and especially because this growth has not been visible here at the website.  In the coming months we will show you what we have been up to!



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James Whitfield

I look forward to the new material!

April 15th, 2014 at 5:38 am

Very egyptological presentation !

Great, i hope you good continuation and the best for your website !

April 15th, 2014 at 9:39 am
Susi Smith

THANKS for the update! I LOVE this site and refer many to it. Looking forward to reading more!

April 16th, 2014 at 9:21 am

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