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generic emhotep tab BHi There!  Em Hotep, which has been inactive for a year (the website, at least), is in the process of coming back to life.  While this is going on, some strange happenings may occur, such as you getting notice that a post you submitted a year ago has finally been approved.  Sorry about that.  I am wading through literally thousands of spam messages (it seems the filter broke somewhere along the way) looking for the genuine comments.  If I miss any of you, my apologies in advance.  I am working on a more detailed post of what I have been up to (for the short answer, go here, as well as here) and what you can expect from Em Hotep as we return to the online Egyptological community.

Again, if your post gets accidentally deleted as we clean things up, I apologize.  If, however, your post was some variety of conspiracy theory, new age manifesto, or anything to do with ancient aliens, it wasn’t overlooked, it went out with the spam.  Sorry.  This is a site for Egyptology, not quackery.  And on that note…

Thanks for checking back in!