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generic emhotep tab BFirst I just want to apologize for the long radio silence…  All is well, and some exciting things are on the way..

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Egyptology on Facebook

   Posted by: Keith Payne


More than 150 Facebook pages and groups dedicated to Egyptology—who knew there were so many?  If you are looking for amazing photography, formal and informal chats with Egyptologists, current and ancient news, or just a good place to hang out with like-minded people, this list should get you started.  Organized by subject and annotated.

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Tim Reid’s Top Ten Egyptology Stories of 2010

   Posted by: Keith Payne

What would the holiday season be without Tim Reid’s list of the year’s top ten stories in Egyptology?  Tim runs the website Egyptians ™, one of my favorite sources for trade news.  This year brought us mummy mutations, repatriation demands and museum thefts, and ancient sites ripped up for amusement parks, littered with garbage, and strewn with sewage.  Not a bad first year for Egypt’s new Vice minister of Culture!  (Ok, ok, hitting below the belt!)


But seriously, do drop in on Tim’s Ten Events Concerning Egyptology..  Most of the news is good, and the source is impeccable!

By the way, I don’t mention often enough the outstanding websites out there that keep us informed without having to subscribe to trade journals with triple digit annual rates.  Here are a few:

  • Required reading for all Egyptophiles from the professional to the mildly curious would be Andie ByrnesEgyptology News.  Comprehensive and copiously updated, if it is at all relevant to Egyptology Andie will have it covered. 
  • Kate Phizackerley’s News from the Valley of the Kings is the total source for Thebes and thereabout.  Kate’s analysis is no-nonsense and she is not afraid to take on the Powers That Be when a story does not hold up.
  • I can’t say enough positive things about Vincent Brown’s Talking Pyramids, who’s critical eye and journalistic ethic let me know how high the bar is set when I first started Em Hotep.
  • Su Bayfield’s Egyptian Monuments is one of the online sources I check for nearly every article I write.  It is a very well organized encyclopedia of Egyptology with photography that belongs in an art gallery.

Of course, all of the sites I link in the bars to the far right have been vetted and approved by the vast Em Hotep editorial staff, but these four plus Tim’s Egyptians are the places I go to pretty much on a daily basis and I highly recommend that you bookmark them.

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In conjunction with the Franklin Institute’s Cleopatra:  The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt exhibition, New Jersey’s Camden County College is offering a free lecture series called Cleopatra’s World, with some top Egyptologists on the schedule, including Bob Brier and Jennifer Houser Wegner.

The lectures will include an overview of the Franklin Institute exhibit, the origins of Egyptology as a discipline, and burial practices during the Ptolemainc Period.

For details, visit nj: Camden County College to host free lecture series on Cleopatra

CRE XII Durham University: Call for Papers

We are pleased to announce that CRE XII will be held from Wednesday 23rd – Saturday 26th March 2011 at Durham University, UK.

We invite papers from researchers across the world studying Egypt and the Sudan, from Palaeolithic to Islamic studies. The aim of this year’s conference is to shed light on the multidisciplinary nature of the field of Egyptology. Researchers from all disciplines that are directly engaged with ancient Egypt or using it as a comparative study are highly encouraged to participate.

Themes might include but are not restricted to…

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French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, whose work is the subject of the Em Hotep series Hemiunu to Houdin, and whose pioneering collaboration with Dassault Systèmes introduced industrial 3D architectural and engineering simulation to the field of archaeology, will be recognized for his work at a week-long archaeological film festival in Cairo next week.

An architect among archaeologists, Jean-Pierre will be addressing the French Institute of Eastern Archaeology, and his documentary film, Kheops Révélé, will kick off the festival.

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If you are curious about how the Great Pyramid was built, and want to have the best theory to come along explained by one of its earliest advocates, then you are in luck.

Dr. Bob Brier, co-author with Jean-Pierre Houdin of “The Secret of the Great Pyramid”, will be delivering a free lecture, open to the public, at Poughkeepsie, NY, on January 27, 2010.

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Tim Reid, proprietor of The Egyptians, one of the most excellent Egyptology blogs on the internet, has posted his Top 10 stories of 2009.   I couldn’t possibly improve on his coverage, and why reinvent the wheel?  So if you haven’t checked it out yet, here is Tim Reid’s 2009 in Review!

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vincent-tabVincent Brown’s website, Talking Pyramids, has changed addresses, so please update your links!  The new address is:

If you have read any of the reference articles on Em Hotep!, particularly anything having to do with pyramids, then you have most likely come across Talking Pyramids in my Further Reading section at the end of the articles.  Vincent’s network of websites is always one of the online resources I check when writing a reference piece. 

Did I say network of websites?

Talking Pyramids is just one of several online resources Vincent offers.  Check out Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Network for Pyramid Texts Online, YouTube videos you will want to see, the Pyramid of Man website, and resources for hieroglyphs and learning ancient Egyptian. 

Vincent offers up-to-date news, book reviews, and thoughtful and informed commentary on Talking Pyramids, so if you haven’t been there yet, you should drop in!

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hthx-tab prtgsA série “De Hemiunu a Houdin”, de Em Hotep!, que explora a obra e as teorias do arquiteto francês Jean-Pierre Houdin sobre como a Grande Pirâmide de Khufu foi construída, estará agora disponível em Português.

Isso foi possível através de uma parceria exclusiva com o escritor brasileiro José de Anchieta, que estará publicando os artigos em seu Web site O Antigo Egito para Leigos. Para sua facilidade, foram traduzidos os seguintes artigos:

Verifique regularmente em O Antigo Egito para Leigos e em Em Hotep! o próximo capítulo dessa saga histórica!

For my english readers, this is an announcement that the Hemienu to Houdin series is available in Portugues via special arangement with José de Anchieta of O Antigo Egito para Leigos.


Jenny Needs Your Vote!

   Posted by: Keith Payne

jenn-tabJenny Hale, who Em Hotep! readers will know from the Blogroll Roundups as The Egyptian Scholar, of The Egyptian Yell fame, needs our help!  She has entered the @ your library Design a Tote Bag Contest with the design shown to the left, which she has named “The Alexandrian Library Pun.”  If you read the hieroglyphs then you will get the pun.

Aside from the fact that her design kick’s butt, Jenny is one of us, part of the ever-growing online Egyptology community.  To vote for her design just click on this link:  “The Alexandrian Library Pun” by Jennifer Hale.  It will take you to the Flickr page where her design is featured.  Once there click on the Add as Favorite button at the top of the picture.  You will have to have a Flickr account to do this, but signing up is free, just takes a minute, and is for a good cause!

Good luck Jenny from Em Hotep!


Article Update: The Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu

   Posted by: Keith Payne


khu-tabThe Em Hotep! reference article on the Great Pyramid–the Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu–has been updated and expanded.  This article was one of the first written back in the days when Em! was running on‘s free servers.  As the scope of this website has grown, some of the earlier articles are out of date (or at least not as thorough as I want them to be), and so they are getting an overhaul. 

I will be updating these articles when I have time and in the order of popularity.  In other words, Khufu’s article was first because it continues to get hits throughout the day, every day.  The Pyramid of Menkaure..  eh, maybe not so quickly.

This announcement is mainly for archival purposes.  If you should have need of the text of the original article for some odd reason, let me know.

clowes-tabMore than two thousand Egyptophiliacs lined up outside Clowes Memorial Hall for what Director of Operations Karen Steele informed me was a sold-out house.

It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say the event had the feel of a rock concert.  We were there to see a star.  What secrets would he reveal tonight?  What announcements would he make?

Shemsu scoops the news for Heritage Key. 

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zah-tabMy interview with Zahi Hawass has been posted to Heritage Key!

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clowes-tabZahi Hawass will be speaking at the Clowes Memorial Auditorium in Indianapolis tonight, and guess who has some one-on-one time with him afterwards, thanks to a special assignment for Heritage Key?

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