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ar1-tabThe Current issue of Archaeology (Volume 62 Number 4, July/August 2009) has a great article by Bob Brier regarding the theory first proposed by Jean-Pierre Houdin about the possibility of an internal ramp inside Khufu’s Pyramid

The theory accounts for some anomalies in a microgravemetric survey couducted by French researchers in the 1980’s, and includes his trip up the side of the pyramid to explore the “niche”.  He discovered an unexplored chamber right where you would expect one if his theory of an internal ramp was correct…

Archaeology was kind enough to put the entire article online.  Read it here –  Update: Return to the Great Pyramid.

zah-tabLast week I mentioned the Tutankhamen exhibition going on at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, a mere two-hour drive from Louisville. 

Well, add to that a visit from Dr. Zahi Hawass..



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