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mum01-tabMummies are always a source of wonder.  Whether your interest is academic, spiritual, or just plain macabre, you can’t pass a good mummy by. 

But how are mummies made?  We have had a recent look at mummification thanks to the Swiss Mummy Project, and now Dr. Zahi Hawass contributes a short video clip.

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mut-tabThe bad new is, her remains still are.

One of the advantages of a newspaper over a blog-type situation is that embarassing corrections can be hidden discretely away on page 11, Section D.  With a blog, they pretty much roll right under the masthead. 

I implied in a previous entry regarding Queen Mutnodjmet (Genetic Testing of Queen Mutnodjmet on Hold While Queen is AWOL) that her mummy had been lost, and in one instance, went so far as to actually refer to her remains as a mummy on Heritage Key (Queen Mutnodjmet: Another Branch in Tutankhamun’s Genetic Line Found (and Lost)?). 

This is incorrect.

As Kate Phizackerley correctly points out on News from the Valley of the Kings (Queen Mutnodjmet’s Missing Mummy), what was misplaced are her skeletal remains.  No mummy was ever found, so no mummy was ever lost.  Everything else in the post on Heritage Key is an accurate representation of the originating article from Al-Ahram, but the mistake is not a minor thing.

Having instant access to a worldwide audience carries some heavy responsibilities which are all-too-often shirked on the Weird Wild Web.  My implication that a mummy had been misplaced unfairly maligned the work of other professionals and misled my readers.  While that was not my intent, intentions are not the same as results, and I duly apologize.

All thanks and credit to Kate for keeping the standard high.

-Keith Payne, aka Shemsu Sesen

zahi-indyIt has been nearly a month now since Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced that in one month he would reveal “the exact reason why King Tut died.” 

The title of the lecture was Mysteries of Tutankhamun Revealed.  I was in attendance, and among the most exciting revelations were promises to reveal more revelations in the very near future.

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dna-tabKate Phizackerley of News from the Valley of the Kings has raised a few questions of her own regarding DNA Testing Limitations.  It is the most accessible treatment of the subject that I have seen so far, and if you really want to have a thorough understanding of this very interesting story as it unfolds, you owe it to yourself to give it a read.

smp-tabCare for a peek inside the mysteries of mumification?

Swiss mummy makers have sent a human leg into the afterlife, but it hasn’t exactly gone like clockwork.  Plus, will their analysis of the degrading effects of mummi-fication on DNA prove more bitter than sweet for the genetic mapping of Tutankhamun’s family?


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wot-tabIf I were a stockbroker and Nefertiti was a commodity, I would be advising my clients to buy.  Dr. Zahi Hawass’ last year with the Supreme Council of Antiquities promises to be an interesting one, with robots crawling the Great Pyramid, mummies in CT scanners, and rumors of KV64.

But somehow Nefertiti seems to keep slipping back into the story.

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mut-tabIt’s 4 am, do you know where your mummy is?

Zahi Hawass is ready to do his next mummy DNA study, this time on Queen Mutnodjmet.  Unfortunately, Her Majesty is MIA.  This is actually a pretty big deal because as the DNA study of the Eighteenth Dynasty continues cross referencing may prove that Mutnodjmet and Nefertiti are actually sisters. 

I blog about this under my daytime name, Keith Payne, over at Heritage Key.  Check out Queen Mutnodjmet: Another Branch in Tutankhamun’s Genetic Line Found (and Lost)?

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