First Dynasty

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First Dynasty

The Formative Years of Unified Egyptian Culture

3100 to 2890 BC

Period Seat of Power Factions Dating System
Early Dynastic Thinis, Abydos Thinite Confederacy Shaw and Nicholson


Narmer unites the Red Kingdom of Lower Egypt and the White Kingdom of Upper Egypt into a single kingdom, instituting the First Dynasty.  Advances are made in metal working and writing becomes more standardized.  United Egypt is beginning to develop a distinct culture.

Name of Ruler Years of Reign Capitol
Narmer 3100 BC Thinis
Hor-Aha (Menes) 3100 BC Thinis/Abydos
Djer 3000 BC Thinis/Abydos
Djet 2980 BC Thinis/Abydos
Den 2950 BC Thinis/Abydos
Queen Merneith 2950 BC Thinis/Abydos
Anedjib 2925 BC Thinis/Abydos
Semerkhet 2900 BC Thinis/Abydos
Qaa 2890 BC Thinis/Abydos