Thirtieth Dynasty

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Thirtieth Dynasty

The Last Egyptian Dynasty

380 to 343 BC


Seat of Power


Dating System

Late Kingdom Period


Persian, Spartan, Athenian

Shaw and Nicholson


The Spartans and Athenian mercenaries continue to play a major role in Egypt’s defense against the Persians in the new dynasty after Nekhtnebef I wrests control of Egypt from the Mendean Kings of the Twenty-Ninth Dynasty.  Djedher ruled simultaneously with his father for a short period, but after Nekhtnebef I’s death, Djedher was unable to hold the throne for more than a couple of years, despite successful military campaigns against the Persians. 

Djedher was brought down by forces from within, which was made easier by his (and his father’s) fairly oppressive and tax-heavy regime.  In 360 BC Djedher was overthrown by Nekhtnebef II, with the assistance of the Spartan king Agesilaus II.  Ironically, Djedher was forced to seek asylum in the court of Persia.

In 343 BC Artaxerxes III of the Persian Empire overthrows Nekhtnebef II, driving him south to Memphis, and eventually into exile in Nubia.  Thus ended the Thirtieth Dynasty, and with it Egyptian rule of ancient Egypt.  Native born kings would not return to Egypt until the Islamic age.  Artaxerxes III would become the first king of the Thirty-First Dynasty, also called the Second Persian Dynasty.


Name of Ruler

Years of Reign


Nekhtnebef I  (Nectanebo I)

380 to 362 BC


Djedher (Teos)

362 to 360 BC


Nekhtnebef II  (Nectanebo II)

360 to 343 BC