Twenty-Eighth Dynasty

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Twenty-Eighth Dynasty

The Short Reign of the Liberator

404 to 399 BC


Seat of Power


Dating System

Late Kingdom Period


Saite, Persian, Mendean/Djedetian

Shaw and Nicholson


The only ruler of the Twenty-Eighth Dynasty, Amyrtaeus II was a Saite nobleman, believed to be related to the pharaohs of the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, who began a revolt under the reign of the Persian King Darius II.  As Persia became embroiled with wars on other fronts, Amyrtaeus II took advantage of their weakened position to seize control of all of Egypt, returning Upper and Lower Egypt to Egyptian rule again.

Amyrtaeus II’s reign was short lived, however, as Nepherites I, a contender from the eastern Nile delta city of Mendes (Djedet to the Egyptians), raised his own army and defeated Amyrtaeus II.  Nepherites declared himself Pharaoh and, having executed the liberator Amyrtaeus at Memphis, end the Twenty-Eighth Dynasty before it could even take root.


Name of Ruler

Years of Reign


Amyrtaeus II  (Amenirdis II)

404 to 399 BC