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zz-00One of the fun things about running a website like Em Hotep is that you get to see behind-the-scenes things, like the queries people are entering into search engines to find Em Hotep.  The vast majority are terms and questions you would expect for an Egyptology website, but some questions can seem a little off the wall, until I think back to my own early interest in ancient Egypt and the questions I used to ask.  So some friends recommended I answer them.  Some might make you chuckle, some might make you think.  But either way, it should be a fun read.  The answers will be brief, so don’t expect to get any research done with this article, just pour a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Special thanks goes to writer and artist Ben Morales-Correa, who operates both the All About Egypt and BMC PhotoArt Tutorials websites for suggesting that I take these questions seriously and answer some of them, as well as Donna Elliot who suggested that this might even be a good idea for a chapter in a book, also an idea I rather like…

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Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 02: Egyptian Queens

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000 - digest 0201Do you have a favorite Egyptian queen?  Or would you like to learn a little more about what queenship meant in ancient Egypt, and how it differed from other types of monarchies?  Of if you are just looking for some really nice photography, yet again the crew at Em Hotep BBS delivered the goods.

A selection of queens plus three queens who were kings, the wives of Mentuhotep II, cats and queens, Picton’s Petrie Pieces, recommended reading, and lots of interesting fun Egyptological facts – Just the thing for a cold winter night!

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Most permanent and touring exhibitions featuring ancient Egypt have features that are kid-friendly, but some really go above and beyond the call of duty.  In this article we will feature eight exhibitions and/or museum programs that go out of their way to cater to young people with an interest in ancient Egypt.  Video clips are included where available.

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In conjunction with the Franklin Institute’s Cleopatra:  The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt exhibition, New Jersey’s Camden County College is offering a free lecture series called Cleopatra’s World, with some top Egyptologists on the schedule, including Bob Brier and Jennifer Houser Wegner.

The lectures will include an overview of the Franklin Institute exhibit, the origins of Egyptology as a discipline, and burial practices during the Ptolemainc Period.

For details, visit nj: Camden County College to host free lecture series on Cleopatra

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ZahiHawass2-tabOctober has come and gone and it’s time to review our checklist of things Dr. Zahi Hawass had  “promised, hinted, and suggested” would occur during—if not before—last month.  So how did he do?

It is kind of hard to say someone had a bad month when they successfully reclaimed five artifacts from the Louvre and were appointed Vice Minister of Culture.  So call me a taskmaster, but those two things were not on the list…

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Thirty-Third Dynasty

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spx-tabAlmost everybody knows what the Great Sphinx of Giza is, but how much do we really know about it? In this article we will be looking at the role of sphinxes in Egyptian mythology—what they are, what they mean, and what they did. We will also be taking an in depth look at the history of the Great Sphinx. Who may have built it and why? When was it built? Do we really know?

We will also look at how the Great Sphinx’s significance in both religion and politics has changed over the many centuries of its known lifetime. From the ancient days of early Egypt, when little is really said about the Sphinx and its existence seems to be taken for granted, to the height of Egyptian culture, when the Sphinx was synonymous with the great solar deities and had the power to legitimize a king’s reign, the more we learn about the Sphinx, the more we know about Egypt.

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Nefertiti a Bust? October Checklist Update

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Nefertiti_berlinWe have a status report on the effort to repatriate Nefertiti, thanks to an interview with Dr. Zahi Hawass published in Spiegel Online International this morning.  The prognosis looks dim.  In fact, the goal seems to have moved somewhat.  When asked if he really wanted to remove Nefertiti from her new home, Dr. Hawass replied “Not by any means.”

What could this portent for our October Checklist?  With eleven days to go, maybe it’s time we reviewed.

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cleo-tabIf you already thought October was going to be exciting for Egyptology, then dig this!  Dr. Zahi Hawass says that new work in the search for the tombs of Cleopatra and Mark Antony will begin this October.

The search for the famous queen of the Ptolemaic Dynasty has been tightening around Alexandria in recent years, and this year’s dig season could bring us even closer.  Also, Dr. Hawass confirms an item from our October checklist!

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