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00 - 207 - tabWhat was daily life like in ancient Egypt?  That was the question we pondered with this week’s Em Hotep Digest.  How did Egyptian families get along?  What was town and home life like?   What did they eat and drink? How did they attire themselves?  What did they do for entertainment?  All these issues are considered within.


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000 - hathor tagThis week Em Hotep BBS, our daily Facebook presence, took up the subject of Hathor—the beautiful, the bovine, and the beastly.  Herein we explore her temples, we examine her iconography, and we appreciate her art.  There is a museum hop, suggested links and good reads, plus the wonderful photography.


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And now for something completely different!  Terry Jones of Monty Python fame teams up with Egyptologist Dr. Joann Fletcher to give us a look at everyday life in ancient Egypt by comparing it to everyday life in modern Egypt.

Food and fun, work and play, you will be surprised by how much remains the same.  Summary, analysis, and some really cool video clips wait inside!

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Blogroll Roundup for September 6, 2009

   Posted by: Shemsu Sesen

   in Egypt in the News

An Egyptian artifact in Jordan, an ancient ship, some modern restorations, a video guide to making a mummy, the Mansoor Amarna Collection, eyes, legs, and assorted body parts…

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