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Nefertiti_berlinThe Altes Museum in Berlin has certainly dug its heels in on this issue–Nefertiti’s iconic sculpture is now a “part of German cultural identity.”  But what exactly does this fight over an Egyptian artifact obtained under very questionable circumstances communicate about Germany’s cultural identity?

Props go to Timothy Reid of The Egyptians for first blogging about the latest news in this on-going controversy.  After you check out his scoop, Nefertiti Please Come Home, hop over to Heritage Key where I blog about this as well under my daytime name, Keith Payne:  The Bust of Nefertiti – A Century-Old Archaeological Detective Story Nearing an End?

Zahi Hawass is going full court.  We’ll see how far he gets!

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clowes-tabZahi Hawass will be speaking at the Clowes Memorial Auditorium in Indianapolis tonight, and guess who has some one-on-one time with him afterwards, thanks to a special assignment for Heritage Key?

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