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In case you haven’t heard, there is a new addition to the list of tombs in the Valley of the Kings!  As I am currently focused on the next pyramid shaft article, and my multi-tasking cache already runneth over, I am pointing you to the sources I go to for information about such things—my brother and sister bloggers.

As always, these are not typical bloggers (have I mentioned how much I dislike that marginalizing term, blogger?), these are folks who are thoughtful, critical, analytical, and who often have direct channels to the primary sources.  Don’t forget to check out the comments sections, as this is where the story tends to develop.  And you have my word that these kind people will welcome your comments and questions as well.



(Kate gets two entries because VoK is her bailiwick)

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A new online resource for Egyptologist, enthusiasts, and sundry Egyptophiles has made its world premiere—Egyptological.  This new periodical is produced by two names with whom we should all be familiar:  Andrea Byrnes of Egyptological News and Kate Phizackerley of News from the Valley of the Kings.

Andie and Kate have both made unique contributions to the field of Egyptology, shattering the notion that the Egyptological blogosphere is the domain of semi-informed speculation and the musings of “mere amateurs.”  We already owe them a debt of gratitude for setting the bar high and establishing an expectation of credibility, and I am personally very excited to see where this new endeavor will lead.

Egyptological is divided into three sections—Journal, Magazine, and Colloquy—according to content.  And as always, your comments and participation are heartily encouraged.  For those of us who cannot contain ourselves to a comment, there is a section where you can submit your own original articles, papers, reviews, and photographs.

Heads up students: this is an excellent opportunity to have your work seen and reviewed by peers, professionals, and everyday folk who share your passion.  Let’s all get behind Kate and Andie to make Egyptological a voice to be relied on/reckoned with!

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