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ARCE 2013 – The Em Hotep Synopsis

   Posted by: Keith Payne

   in Egypt in the News

000 - arce synopsisBetter late than ever, the synopses for eleven of the ARCE 2013 panel sessions is now ready for your enjoyment.  Wonderful memories of some of the brightest Egyptologists now working in the field, many of these summaries were written with the direct assistance of the presenters themselves, and we are sure there is something (if not several somethings) here that will be of interest to you and your own passions in this very wide field.   Nighttime at ancient Deir el-Medina, ritual battle scenes on tomb walls, ancient graffiti at Senwosret’s pyramid complex, coffin reuse, New Kingdom chariots, tomb robbery, and much more awaits you within…

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