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Third Dynasty

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Dating systems

The primary source for the dates used in the Em Hotep Dynasties pages is the chronology developed by Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson for the British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt. In an effort to be as comprehensive as possible other dating systems were used to fill in the blanks.  These various systems were chosen based on how closely they could be integrated to the Shaw and Nicholson chronology.  Note that dates in Egyptian chronologies may radically vary from one Egyptologist to the next.

In addition to Shaw and Nicholson, chronologies from the following sources were used in the compilation of the Em Hotep Dynasties pages.


  • Digital Egypt for Universities – An online learning and teaching resource in Egyptology developed at University College London.
  • Aiden Dodson – Research Fellow, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bristol.
  • Detlef Franke – Institute of Egyptology of the University of Heidelberg.
  • Peter Piccone – Associate Professor of Ancient Near Eastern History, University of Charleston, SC.
  • Donald Redford – Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Kim Ryholt – Associate professor of Egyptology at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Turin Cannon – A king’s list that names most of the Pharaohs from the First Dynasty to the Second Intermediate Period. 



The Dynasties of Ancient Egypt


Predynastic Period

Zero Dynasty:  From Nomads to Villages, From City-States to Kingdoms


Early Dynastic Period

First Dynasty:  The Formative Years of Egyptian Culture

Second Dynasty:  Religious and Political Strife Threatens the Union


Old Kingdom Period

Third Dynasty:  Egypt Enters its Pyramid Age

Fourth Dynasty:  The Zenith of the Pyramid Age

Fifth Dynasty:  The Decline of the Pyramid Age and the Rise of the Solar Cult

Sixth Dynasty:  The Twilight of the Old Kingdom


First Intermediate Period

Seventh and Eighth Dynasties:  The Center Cannot Hold, Things Fall Apart

Ninth and Tenth Dynasties:  The Herakleopolitan Dynasties


Middle Kingdom Period

Eleventh Dynasty:  The Restoration of the Union of Upper and Lower Egypt

Twelfth Dynasty:  Power, Peace, and Prosperity


Second Intermediate Period

Thirteenth Dynasty:  Rise of the Hyksos, Descent into Chaos

Fourteenth Dynasty:  The Kings of the Delta

Fifteenth Dynasty:  The Hyksos Dynasty

Sixteenth Dynasty:  The Kysos Dynasty

Seventeenth Dynasty:  Thebes in Turmoil Rediscovers its Egyptian Spirit


New Kingdom Period

Eighteenth Dynasty:  The Egyptian Renaissance and the Dynasty of Celebrities

Nineteenth Dynasty:  Might Makes Right—The Ramesside Period Pt. 1

Twentieth Dynasty:  From Greatness to Irrelevancy—The Ramesside Period Pt. 2


Third Intermediate Period

Twenty-First Dynasty:  The Tanite Dynasty and the Amun Priesthood

Twenty-Second Dynasty:  The Libyan Dynasty

Twenty-Third Dynasty:  The Libyan Federation of Egypt

Twenty-Fourth Dynasty:  The Great Chiefs of the West


Late Period

Twenty-Fifth Dynasty:  The Kushite Dynasty

Twenty-Sixth Dynasty:  The Saite Dynasty

Twenty-Seventh Dynasty:  The First Persian Dynasty

Twenty-Eighth Dynasty:  The Short Reign of the Liberator

Twenty-Ninth Dynasty:  The Mendean Kings

Thirtieth Dynasty:  The Last Egyptian Dynasty

Thirty-First Dynasty:  The Second Persian Dynasty


Ptolemaic Period

Thirty-Second Dynasty:  The Macedonian Dynasty

Thirty-Third Dynasty:  The Ptolemaic Dynasty



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