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Medicine and Mysteries: Case Studies in Mummy Forensics

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Medicine and Mysteries is a sneak preview of the much larger mummies section coming to Em Hotep.  The format of the mummies section will be to present introductory summaries of relevant topics followed by video clips, followed by links to primary and secondary resources.

In this installment:  The search for Nefertiti, mummies and heart disease, was Tut murdered, mummies and dental care, ancient brain surgery, tracking Lady Tahat and sexing Lady Hor..  Much more..

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Mummy Scanners

   Posted by: Keith Payne

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No, it’s not a new David Cronenberg movie about mummies with exploding heads, it’s an innovative use for those annoying scanners that airport employees use to ogle your naked bod.   

The scanners, technically called terahertz scanners, but more derisively dubbed “digital strip searches,” peek under your clothing but can’t penetrate your body, or any contraband you might have strapped to it. 


But terahertz scanners have other properties that have caught the attention of Dr. Frank Ruhli, head of the Swiss Mummy Project.

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smp-tab - PN200805-02_300dpiThe Swiss Mummy Project has been reviewing all of the studies performed on mummies in the last three decades and has compiled a wealth of data about how the ancient Egyptians lived and died.  They discovered that in addition to bad dental health, the ancients suffered from a wide range of maladies which we normally associate with modern life.

So, what did the mummies have to say about living well?

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smp-tabThe University of Zurich’s Swiss Mummy Project, headed by anatomist and paleopathologist Dr. Frank Ruhli , has succeeded in mummifying a human leg.  Well, two legs, actually.  Ok, to be honest, the test subject didn’t go so well, so I guess it was one leg after all. 

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mum01-tabMummies are always a source of wonder.  Whether your interest is academic, spiritual, or just plain macabre, you can’t pass a good mummy by. 

But how are mummies made?  We have had a recent look at mummification thanks to the Swiss Mummy Project, and now Dr. Zahi Hawass contributes a short video clip.

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Blogroll Roundup for September 6, 2009

   Posted by: Keith Payne

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An Egyptian artifact in Jordan, an ancient ship, some modern restorations, a video guide to making a mummy, the Mansoor Amarna Collection, eyes, legs, and assorted body parts…

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smp-tabCare for a peek inside the mysteries of mumification?

Swiss mummy makers have sent a human leg into the afterlife, but it hasn’t exactly gone like clockwork.  Plus, will their analysis of the degrading effects of mummi-fication on DNA prove more bitter than sweet for the genetic mapping of Tutankhamun’s family?


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