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Egyptology Links

This page of links was a collaborative effort

between members of the Em Hotep BBS Facebook group


Egyptological Societies and Associations

American Research Center in Egypt (Main Site)

American Research Center in Egypt – Arizona

American Research Center in Egypt – New England

American Research Centers in Egypt – New Orleans

American Research Center in Egypt – New York

American Research Center in Egypt – North Texas

American Research Center in Egypt – Northern California

American Research Center in Egypt – Northwest Chapter

American Research Center in Egypt – Orange County CA

American Research Center in Egypt – Pennsylvania

American Research Center in Egypt – Washington, DC

American Society of Papyrologists

Ancient Egypt and Middle East Society

Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA)

Ancient Egypt Society of Western Australia

Ankh – East Kent Egyptology Society

Archeo-Nile – Society for the Study of Pre-Pharaonic Cultures of the Nile Valley

Association Egyptologique du Gard (French)

Association Espanola de Egiptologia (Spanish)

Association Thot (French)

Australian Centre for Egyptology

Egypt Exploration Society

Egypt Exploration Society of Southern California

Egypt Society of Bristol


Egyptian Society of South Africa

Egyptian Study Society

Egyptology Scotland

Egyptology Seminar of New York

Essex Egyptology Group

Friends of the Petrie Museum

Horus Egyptological Society (Wigan)

Instituto de Estudios del Antiguo Egipto (Spanish)

International Association of Egyptologists

International Association for Papyrologists (In English and French)

Manchester Ancient Egypt Society

Mercia Egyptology Society

North East Ancient Egypt Society

North East Manchester Egyptology Society

Poynton Egypt Group

Society for Near Eastern Studies – University of Montreal

Society for the Promotion of the Egyptian Museum Berlin

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (Main Site)

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities – Calgary

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities – Montreal

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities – Toronto

Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities – Vancouver

Southampton Ancient Egypt Society

Staffordshire Egyptology Society

Sudan Archaeological Research Society

Sussex Egyptology Society

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society

Uruguayan Society of Egyptology

Wirral Ancient Egypt Society


General Information

Absolute Egyptology

Akhet – The Horizon to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt – Anneke Bart

Ancient Egypt Alive!

Ancient Egypt History and Chronology

Ancient Egypt Online

Ancient Egypt Site

Anthony’s Egyptology and Archaeology

The Autodidacts Guide to Ancient Egypt

Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology

Center for Alexandrian Studies

Centro de Estudios del Egipto y del Mediterraneo Oriental (Spanish)

Cercle d’egyptologie (French)

Cultnat – Center for Documentation of Cultural and National Heritage

David Roberts Gallery

Demotic Dictionary Project – University of Chicago

Demotic Texts Archive

Digital Egypt for Universities

Discovering Ancient Egypt

Duke Papyrus Archive

Egypte Nilotique et Mediterraneene (French)

Egyptian Dreams Forum

Egyptian Monuments

Egyptian New Kingdom Studies

Egyptian Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom

Egyptologica (French)

Everything Egypt

Francesco Ballerini Center for Egyptology

Giza 3D

Global Egyptian Museum

Glyphomat (Hieroglyphs)

Guardian’s Ancient Egypt

Hobby Agyptologische Gemeinschaft Bremervorde (German)

Institut Kheops (French)

Khufu Reborn

Learn Hieroglyphs

M. A. Mansoor Amarna Collection

Masking the Blow: The Scene of Representation in Late Prehistoric Egyptian Art

Maat ka-Ra Hatschepsut

Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Mertz – Peters – Michaels:  The Official Elizabeth Peters Website

My Egypt

National Geographic Egypt Guide

Nefershapiland Agypten

Online Hieroglyphs Translator Page

Papyrology Home Page

Past Preservers

Pronunciation of Ancient Egypt

Provence Egyptologie (French)

Pyramid Texts Online Library

Pyramids: The Inside Story – NOVA Online

Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh

Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt

UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology


Egyptology Blogs

Amun-Ra Egyptology

Ancient Egypt 101

Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project


Arkysite – David Ian Lightbody

The Autodidact’s Guide to Ancienct Egypt

Collecting Egypt

Diana Buja’s Blog of Africa, The Middle East, Agriculture, History, and Cluture

Djed Medu (Italian)

Egypt at the Manchester Museum

Egypt Centre – Swansea Blog


Egyptian Archaeology

Egyptiana Emporium

Egyptological Odyssey


Egyptology in the 21st Century

Egyptology Memes

Egyptology News

Luxor News


Seshat’s Journal

Selket’s Blog

Sudanarchaologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin (German)


The Egyptians

The Eloquent Peasant

Time Traveler Rest Stop


Ancient Egyptian Archaeological Sites and Projects

Abydos – Kelsey Museum of Archaeology Dig Diaries

Akhenaten Temple Project – Penn State

Alexandria: Treasures of the Sunken City – NOVA Online

Amara West Project – British Museum

Amarna : Land of the Aten

Amarna Project

Amarna Research Foundation

Amarna Royal Tombs Project

Berenike Project

Bimm Umm Fawakir – Insights Into Ancient Egyptian Mining

Deir el-Medina Database

Delta Survey – EES

El-Lahun Survey Project

Excavations at Amheida at the Dakhleh Oasis – New York University

Fayum Dig Diaries – University of Auckland

Franco-Egyptian Center for the Study of Karnak

Giza Plateau Mapping Project – University of Chicago

Gurob Harem Palace Project

Hierakonpolis – City of the Hawk

Imbaba Survey – EES

Jebel Barkal – History and Archaeology of Ancient Napata

Kafr Hassan Dawood

Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project – University of Memphis


Mahas Survey Project

Malqata – MMA and Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund

Min Project (TT 109)

Minufiyeh Survey – EES

Mut Temple South Karnak- Brooklyn Museum

Naga Excavation Project – Egyptian Museum Berlin

Neferhotep (German)

Nubian Expedition – Humboldt University


Polish Archaeological Expedition to the Eastern Nile Delta – Tel el-Farcha

Project Djehuty

Royal City of Sais – Durham University

Saqqara – Friends of Saqqara

Satellite Survey of Western Thebes – Private Tombs of Sheikh Abd el-Qurnah

Shenhur Project

Sikait Project

South Asasif Conservation Project

Step Pyramid of Djoser – U. Penn

Tell Basta Project

Tell Edfu Project – University of Chicago

Tell el-Daba Homepage

Tell Mutubis Survey – EES

Tell Timai Project – University of Hawaii

Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project – EES

Theban Mapping Project

Theban Tombs Project – University of Charleston, S.C.

Thutmosis III Temple Project



Egyptology Books and Publications (including online)

Ancient Egypt Magazine

Ankh Antiquarian Books

Archaeologia Books and Prints:  Egyptology

Bibliography of Ancient Egypt

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan


Heritage of Egypt Magazine

Journal of Egyptian History

Journal of Near Eastern Studies

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt


Lingua Aegyptia – Journal of Egyptian Language Studies

Nile Magazine

Oxbow Books – Egyptology

PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt

Petra Fine Art – David Roberts Lithographs

Yare Egyptology


Universities and Museums

American University In Cairo Department of Egyptology

British Museum – Ancient Egypt

Brooklyn Museum – Egyptology Collection

Brown University – Department of Egyptology

Charles University in Prague – Czech Institute of Egyptology

Egypt Centre – Swansea

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Eotvos Lorand University – Department of Egyptology

Fitzwilliam Museum Egyptology Resources

Grand Egyptian Museum

Gregorian Egyptian Museum

Harvard Semitic Museum

Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology – University of Memphis

John Hopkins University – Hopkins in Egypt Today

Louvre – Department of Egyptian Antiquities

Metropolitan Museum of Art – Egyptian Art

Michael C. Carlos Museum – Ancient Egyptian Art

Museum of Fine Arts Boston – Art of the Ancient World

Museum of Fine Arts Boston – The Giza Archives Project

Neues Museum

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology – Ancient Egypt

Roemer und Pelizaeus Mueseum – Splendors of Ancient Egypt

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

University College London – Department of Egyptology

University College London – Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

University of Arizona – Egyptian Expedition

University of Chicago – Oriental Institute 

University of Chicago – Field Museum

University of Durham – Oriental Museum

University of Heidelberg – Egyptological Institute

University of Leiden – Egyptology

University of Leipzig – Egyptian Institute

University of Leipzig – Georg Steindorff Egyptian Museum (German)

University of Liverpool – Department of Egyptology

University of Toronto – Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations

Walters Art Museum – Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Waseda University Egyptian Expedition

Yale Egyptological Institute in Egypt