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Unless otherwise stated, all photographs on this site were taken by Keith Payne, all images were produced by Keith Payne, and all texts were written by Keith Payne.  All pictures, photos, images, and writing are copyrighted by Keith Payne, and all rights  are reserved. 

Photographs and Web pages do not need a copyright notice on them to be protected by copyright law. All original works are copyright protected as soon as they are created.

Having said that, I am very liberal about allowing individuals to use my work for their own private use.  Feel free to use my pictures and images for things such as wallpaper for your personal computer (or for your living room, if you like), just be sure to credit me for having produced it.

If you wish to use any of my work in something such as a school report or any other non-profit presentation, just leave me a note here along with an email address and I will get back with you.  It is very likely that I will give you permission, just be sure to ask first.

If you are interested in purchasing the rights to any of my work, leave a note here and I will contact you.

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