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Warfare and Empire

   Posted by: Brian Alm

   in New Kingdom, Military History

Introduction from Em Hotep: lecturer Brian Alm has been kind enough to provide us with a couple of guest articles, this being the first. While I am continuing with the ongoing Western Cemetery series, Mr. Alm and others have been gracious enough to to offer some breaks from the Western Field, and this examination of the role the military played in establishing the Ancient Egyptian empire, particularly during the New Kingdom, is both entertaining and elucidating. Please join me in welcoming Brian with this fresh perspective on that subject we all love- Egyptology. I would also like to welcome Krista Moyls, another familiar face to those who participate in the many active and reputable Egyptology groups on Facebook. Ms. Moyls has contributed photography to support Brian’s work. May this just be the beginning to a long tradition of welcoming new voices to our little tavern on the Internet.

One final note before we start.. I have included hyperlinks from some of the keywords in Em Hotep’s’ repertoire in this article. This is intended to aid the curious in finding more information, and for search engine optimization only. It is not intended to communicate Mr. Alm’s implicit nor explicit approval of where the internal links may take you, and should not be assumed as such. These are strictly for editorial and site maintenance purposes only. Mr. Alm’s words speak elegantly for themselves, the hypertext links are included for site optimization site only! Thanks -K

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