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In this edition of the Khufu’s Western Cemetery series, we will introduce a chapter of mastabas with a brief biography of one of George Reisner’s valued colleagues, Tasmanian-born Egyptologist Arthur Cruttenden Mace.  Mace migrated from work with Flinders Petrie at Abydos to join Reisner at Giza during the Hearst Expedition, and in this episode we will learn a little of his history and work.  This is but a narrowed-down introduction, largely inspired and greatly informed by Gary Beuk‘s two-part series “Arthur Cruttenden Mace – Taking His Rightful Place,” Parts One and Two, hosted at Andie Byrnes and Kate Phizackerly‘s vast online journal, Egyptological.  This is simply intended to tickle your curiosity about the prolific Egyptologist, and you are really should also read Gary Beuk’s two-part biography.  The biographical portion is followed, as always, with a selection of largely interrelated mastabas from the HUMFA Expedition.  As always, along with Beuk’s contribution, this series is reliant upon, inspirited by, and pleasurably dedicated to the Harvard University/Museum of Fine Arts Boston Giza Archives, currently in transition to Digital Giza.

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