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Em Hotep Digest vol. 02 no. 02: Egyptian Queens

   Posted by: Keith Payne

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000 - digest 0201Do you have a favorite Egyptian queen?  Or would you like to learn a little more about what queenship meant in ancient Egypt, and how it differed from other types of monarchies?  Of if you are just looking for some really nice photography, yet again the crew at Em Hotep BBS delivered the goods.

A selection of queens plus three queens who were kings, the wives of Mentuhotep II, cats and queens, Picton’s Petrie Pieces, recommended reading, and lots of interesting fun Egyptological facts – Just the thing for a cold winter night!

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During the Middle Kingdom Period, having a daughter appointed as a God’s Wife in your local temple meant that you were a member of the upper crust of Egyptian society.  But at the dawn of the New Kingdom, Pharaoh Ahmose I drafted a legal contract that made the God’s Wife of Amun arguably the second most powerful person in the kingdom.  Before all was said and done, one God’s Wife would use the office to become the most powerful person in the kingdom. 

With Amun now the King of the Gods, his earthly consort came into her own wealth and authority in a way that would ultimately shatter the glass ceiling of Egyptian politics, at least for a while…

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