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000 - hathor tagThis week Em Hotep BBS, our daily Facebook presence, took up the subject of Hathor—the beautiful, the bovine, and the beastly.  Herein we explore her temples, we examine her iconography, and we appreciate her art.  There is a museum hop, suggested links and good reads, plus the wonderful photography.


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The Return of the Blogroll Roundup: March 13, 2010

   Posted by: Keith Payne

   in Egypt in the News

Ok, so maybe I am not reviving the Blogroll Roundup as a regular feature, at least not until I get caught up on my own material, although I do have to say that I am amazed at how many hits months-old editions continue to garner.  But there has been so much really great material that has appeared in the Egyptology blogosphere in the last couple of weeks, I can’t help but share it.  So, for your convenience and enjoyment…


Re-wrapping a mummy, new Pyramid Texts, Abydos abides, the Akhenaten Museum, Hieroglyphs 101, Hanging out with Dr. Andrzej Cwiek, and WV22?

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