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000 - gm&l tabThis week the Em Hotep Digest will look at ancient Egyptian mythology.  We will be turning to three of the standards of the field:  Richard Wilkinson’s The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt; Lorna Oakes and Lucia Gahlin’s Ancient Egypt; and Ian Shaw and Paul Nicholson’s Dictionary of Ancient Egypt.  As usual, there will be plenty of unique photography from the Em Hotep BBS group on Facebook, so sit back and enjoy!

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000 - hathor tagThis week Em Hotep BBS, our daily Facebook presence, took up the subject of Hathor—the beautiful, the bovine, and the beastly.  Herein we explore her temples, we examine her iconography, and we appreciate her art.  There is a museum hop, suggested links and good reads, plus the wonderful photography.


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edfu1-tabEdfu is most often associated with the Temple of Horus built there during the Ptolemaic Period, but the Tell Edfu Project, directed by the Oriental Institute’s Dr. Nadine Moeller, is literally uncovering a much older story.  Ancient Edfu was a persistent city that took a two-fisted approach to adversity and not only survived the first two Intermediate Periods, but flourished.

In Edfu Part One:  Ancient Djeba we will look at the history of this ancient mid-sized town that shattered the myth of Egypt being a “civilization without cities.”

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Khafre’s Valley Temple

   Posted by: Keith Payne

   in Old Kingdom, Lower Egypt, Temples, The Giza Plateau

kvt-tabValley temples were not just the entrance point to pyramid complexes, they were the connection to the Nile River–the eternal source of life for Egypt.  Architectural genius, incredible feats of engineering, and a huge workforce whose actions were as choreographed as any ballet were all required to assure that the Boats of the Gods had access to Khafre’s pyramid complex.  For the Ancient Egyptians, preparation for the afterlife was serious business.

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